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SuiCidE tRaINinG

Monday, July 23, 2007

10:10PM - Waking Up

Waking Up
by LadyNorthstar

Tony slowly opened his eyes, trying to make sense of what he was seeing though the sleepy mist.
The room was strange to him, but the smell was something he was pretty used to: the smell of a hospital. He had been into more hospitals than every other member of the Avengers, due to his heart problems, and the fact that, out of his high-tech shell, he was only a human being… a very vulnerable one. Not now, with Extremis, but he used to be… and because of this endless power that reminded him of his frailty, there was nothing in the world that he hated more than the smell of hospitals.
But, why was he in a hospital? His mind wasn’t being very helpful at the moment… the only thing he was able to remember was a girl, a white-eyed girl, with an evil grin on her face, then nothing… no, wait! Suddenly memories started floating to the surface… the fight, the fire, he was hitting Carol then… yes, he had asked Peter to kill him, and the memory of the cold, metallic arm of his mate stabbing him, was live and present in his mind… so, why he was still alive?
He tried to look around, but his body was felt like it was frozen… he must have been in a coma, and for at least three days; he tried again, and this time his neck allowed him to look at his right side, and see someone sleeping on a chair, his head sunk into his hands.
His voice was low, hardly hearable, but he knew that it was enough to be heard by the person who was next to him.
“Tony?” he raised his head: the tired eyes of Steve Rogers met Tony’s “oh my… you woke up!”
“I suppose…” Ironman tried to smile “How long…?”
“Five days…”
“Oh, wow… now I know how Captain America looks with a five days beard!”
Steve laughed, softly.
“I was too worried to shave…”
“Glad to hear that… you stayed here for the whole time?”
“Mostly… with Peter and Carol…”
“Where are they?”
“Carol is down at the bar, Peter is sleeping in the bed at your left… want me to wake him up?”
“Nhaaa… shit, he must be mad at me…”
“Why don’t you ask him?”
“I’ll find out later, now we don’t want to disturb him…”
“No prob, boss, I’m awake…” the sleepy voice of Spiderman came from right behind Ironman’s shoulders, giving him a shiver… Peter didn’t have the tone of someone who was angry with him…
Tony wasn’t able to turn his head in Peter’s direction, so the young man moved by Steve’s side.
“Are you all right?”
“I’m alive…”
“Geez, you scared the hell out of us””
“Carol was crying like a 13 year old girl… but don’t tell her I told ya..”
“Logan wasn’t very worried, but I guess you already know that, however…”
Spiderman silenced himself, avoiding Tony’s look.
“Thank you… and please, forgive me… I’m sorry…”
Peter looked into Tony’s eyes for the first time, and smiled… a smile dirty of tears.
“Shit, I’m so glad to see you alive!” he hugged Ironman, nearly suffocating him “and of course I forgive you, you idiot!”
Tony’s heart immediately felt lighter… so many times friends of his had abandoned him after some bad choice he had made, or after something he had asked them to do… and the fact Peter was still with him was one of the best thing he was able to remember in his entire life.
Steve stood in the corner the whole time, then, when someone knocked on the door of the room, he went to open it.
“Hi Carol…”
“Hi, what’s the… oh my God, Tony! You are awake!”
The woman jumped like a cat on the wounded hero’s bed, grabbing his hand.
“I’m glad to see you too…”
“Oh my… shit, never do a thing like that again!”
“The next time I’ll ask Logan to do it, so you won’t have to worry: I’ll be dead”
“Ahahah, very funny…” hissed Peter, and Tony, whose body was starting to answer to his orders, sat on the bed.
“C’mon, I’m alive, let me taste a bit of how feels behaving like Peter!”
“I don’t make such stupid jokes!”
“Oh no, yours are worst…” answered Carol, with a smirk, and Steve laughed, getting closer to the bed again.
“Now, let him rest children!“
Carol and Peter weren’t very happy about the idea, but Cap wasn’t someone you could disagree with.
“Come with me, Pete. Let’s find some useless robbers to kill time…” Carol said, and they went out of the room.
“Wanna sleep a bit?” Steve took a sit on Tony’s bed.
“I’ve slept for 5 days, I think I can consider myself rested…”
Cap smiled, holding Tony’s hand. “I’m very glad to have you here again, my friend…”
Tony didn’t answered…friend, what a cruel word! He was sick and tired of being only his friend. They kissed dozen of times, but every time Steve refused to go further… and now he wanted to kiss him, and not only this… he wanted their bodies joined, wet and hot…
Tony’s free hand touched Steve’s face, a soft caress, then he went closer, his lips nearly touching Steve’s.
“Shhh… I need it, please…”
Steve surrendered: he opened his mouth and let Tony’s wet tongue slip in. It have been weeks since the last time they kissed, and Steve forgot how pleasant it was…
Their tongues were dueling wildly in their mouths, hitting teeth, and crossing in a wet, sweet war, full of shivering and moaning.
Steve’s hands went around Tony’s chest, and Tony’s hands through Steve’s blonde hair, feeling the desperate need of each other… but Steve interrupted the kiss just when things were getting hotter… as always.
“I want you…” whispered Tony, embracing firmly the other man.
“You know we can’t…”
“Because… because we can’t…”
Steve walked away form the bed, sitting on the chair again.
“I hate you when you tell me that…” Tony mumbled.
“I know… I’m sorry…” Steve sighed “I think I need some fresh air… see ya later…”
“Yes… see ya…”

Saturday, July 21, 2007

11:38PM - Good Morning...

colored version

b&w version

Current mood: ecstatic

Saturday, July 14, 2007

11:01PM - tragedy

tony is controlled by a technocrominal, who made him attack the other avangers. and in a short moment of self-control he asks peter to kill him, and peter does... then, pete carrying tony's body, fully determinate in killing their enemy

Kill me

You'll Pay for This


for some kind of miracle tony survived, but he is more on the otherside than on this...
so, steve watching over him while he is asleep... awww, they are cute! > <

Please Wake Up

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Friday, July 13, 2007

11:53PM - nextwave&the avengers

eheheh, just a dumb thing that popped into my mind...

i know it's senseless, but i luv nextwave too much for not doing something like that... X°D

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10:41PM - capxtony

eheheh, i love soo much my otp... and i hate so much marvel for destroing their lifes! > <

i've tried to make it look like an official civilwar's art... treid... -.-;

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Sunday, July 9, 2006


eheheh, inspired by his muse.... X°D

porn stuff about Tom, obvious! X°D

Jack is soooo jelous!

Jack way for re-have tom! X°D

Saturday, July 1, 2006

8:12PM - 4!

Yay! it's page 4! XD

Friday, June 30, 2006


and 3!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


the second episode...
(you have to click on the picture for see the larger version...)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


First Episode! XD

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Thursday, June 22, 2006


First Step...

Second Step...

Third Step? It'll be, I promise it'll be....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

8:57PM - Tom&Jack

They are sooo cuteeeeeeeeeee! *_*
Ok, i love this pair, and i'll torture you with this pair for the eternity! XDDD

Friday, April 21, 2006

8:29PM - My First Ficcie in English!


Author: LadyNorthstar
Pairing: Sawyer/Sayid
Raiting: R (for language)
Timeline: it’s placed in the Second Season, before Henry’s capture.
Warnings: ok, in my sort of AU world Sawyer and Sayid are a couple, they are not yet come out, but they are… and everyone have suspects about them! XD
OtherThings: Ok, this is my first attempt writing in English so don’t kill me if I’ve made mistakes! Ç_Ç

Sawyer was seated near the sea, glancing at the waves and wondering what kind of advantages the hatch had given to them. Surely, one of the most pleasant thing was having a shower and a clear mirror: he had shaved himself the day before, for the first time in so many weeks… and now he was wondering about one other person in the Island that needed to be shaved. One person who he can’t imagine without beard… and he want to see him without it.
“Ehi, Ali, what are you doing?”
“Stop call me like that!”
“Ok, Bambi…”
“Yeeesh! Ya man, don’t tell me you’ve never seen that movie! The little sweetie deer!”
“I’ve seen that, but I can’t understand why!”
“‘Cause of your brown, big, lovely eyes, it’s obvious!”
“It isn’t obvious! The only thing that is obvious is that you must have smoked something different from your cigarettes!”
“Oh, don’t treat me so cruelly, puppy!”
“I’ve a name and it would be great if for one time…”
“Don’t complain, you are not alone! Everyone in this island have his personal collection of nicknames, you can’t be saved!”
“Sigh… I know! So, Sawyer, what do you want?”
“-Fuck you- is a acceptable answer?”
“In this moment absolutely not!”
“Ooook, well, I’ve to ask you a favor…or, better, I want you to do something for me… call it a little present for uncle Sawyer!”
“I don’t want to suck anything, nor get…”
“No, no, you misunderstood me! This time I don’t want anything that a under 18 can’t see!”
“It’ very difficult to trust you, do you know?”
“Ya, man, I know! But this time I swore that it have nothing to do with you hidden areas!... or mine…”
“Can I at least tell you what I want?”
“Ok…. I want you to shave!”
“WHAAAT? No way!”
“Are you crazy? Why you don’t want to do that?”
“Because I don’t want to, end of the story!”
“Pleeese! One time, only one time!”
“No! Why do you want me to get shaved?”
“‘cause I wanna see you without beard…”
“No, no and no! And you can’t persuade me, so don’t try!”
“C’mon, Bambi! Do it for me!”
“Absolutely not!”
“You are a real bastard!”
“And you a real pain in the ass!”
“I would become it if you don’t do what I’ve asked you to do!”
“You are threatening me?”
“Gotcha! You coward!”
“Ok, ok, listen to me: if you shaved I’ll give you one of the guns!”
“Ok… this could be a incentive…”
“Any one you want!”
“You are going to do that?”
“Yes… I think I can do that…”
Sawyer had gained his victory! He took Sayid by the hand and dragged him into the hatch, followed by the curious eyes of Charlie, amazed by the scene.
When they went into the hatch Charlie was behind them.
“What are you doing?”
“I’ve convinced Muhammad to shave!”
Sayid glanced at Sawyer with a killer flam in his eyes and Charlie started to laugh.
“Really? I think it would be an amazing show!”
“I’m not some kind of freak and if you two even only try to laugh at me I’ll kill you both with the gun that this idiot will take to me!”
“Ok, ok, don’t get worked up! I’ll take care of it after!”
“Ahahah, very funny, Sawyer!”
“Go, Abu, and do your duty!”
Sawyer pushed Sayid into the bathroom of the hatch and closed the door, so he and Charlie seated and waited.
“Why he is doing that?”
“You are asking -why- tattoo?”
“Yes, I’m asking…”
“Because he loves my gun!”
Charlie seemed to have not noticed the “gun” instead of “guns”, so Sawyer smirked and yell at the door
“Well? Still alive?”
“Shut up, American Bastard!”
“Shut up you, Ge-nui-ne Ira-qui!”
Five minutes later the door opened and Sayid went out, with his face covered by a towel
“Take away this shit, Sweetheart, don’t be shy!”
“I hate you!”
“I know, now remove it!”
“I can’t… I think I’ll lock myself into this hatch for some days until my beard grow again!”
“Don’t be stupid, Abu! Let us see!”
“Because I feel like… naked?”
“Are you crazy, man?”
“C’mon, Sayid, they was only facial hair!” said Charlie
Sayid looked at Sawyer that was wearing a sly smile.
“C’mon, Bambi!”
“Ok, but don’t laugh, understand?”
Sayid removed the towel by his face and showed to Sawyer something he has never expected.
“Wow! It’s great! You look like a girl!”
Sayid throw the towel to Sawyer
“You moron! Don’t laugh!”
“I’m not laughing! You are really soooo pretty…”
“I hate you!”
Charlie was astonished
“Sayid, you look ten year younger without beard! ”
“I know! It’s because of this that I let it grow! I don’t want to look like a teenager!”
“I think you look more like a cheerleader…”
Sawyer whispered in Sayid ear, and then added
“And I wanna fuck this cheerleader…”
“And I wanna get fucked, little blondie bastard, but we can’t with the baby under our feet! ”
“No problem…. CHARLIE!”
The boy was looking at the two men like someone that want to be everywhere except in the place he is.
“Can you do us a favor?”
“Of course…”
“Stay out of the hatch and chase away everyone would arrive, ok?”
Charlie was just leaving when Sawyer added
“Oh, take this advice: plug your ears!”

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Ecco la recensione del mio viaggio, che dividerò il 4 fasi:
1.Viaggio in Aereo 2.A zonzo per Parigi 3.Albergo 4.Concerto

1. Il mio primo, traumatico, volo aereo… in realtà la parte traumatica è stata solo salire sull’aereo. La hostess pensava fossi pazza quando, sulla soglia del portello, mi sono messa a tremare come una foglia chiedendo ad alta voce “ma che ci faccio qui?”, e la mia amica Queen da dietro mi spingeva per farmi entrare… ^.^; che vergogna!
Quando mi sono seduta e ho allacciato le cinture la hostess ha iniziato a gesticolare come una deficiente per spiegare dove stavano le uscite di sicurezza etc. e mi è stato caldamente consigliato di non guardare il libretto arancio con le procedure di sicurezza perché mette ansia… io l’ho guardato lo stesso e mi ha messo ansia! Poi il trabbicolo (che all’inizio non mi sembrava poi tanto piccino) ha preso a muoversi, con gran rombo di motori e all’improvviso… BOOIN! È decollato con un’accelerazione straccia budella! Che paura che ho avuto! Quasi quasi piangevo… il resto del volo è stato quasi divertente, ho guardato le nuvole e chiacchierato con le mie amiche, dicendo un’Avemaria ogni 2 o 3 minuti perché non cadesse il nostro aggeggio volante. Quando siamo atterrati mi sono accorta che a me l’aereo non sembrava tanto piccolo ma in realtà lo era eccome: dall’aeroporto di Torino partono solo nanoplani, ma quando sei parcheggiato a Parigi accanto ad un JumboJet tutto ti sembra più piccolo! Questo è quanto in riguardo all’andata… il ritorno l’ho passato leggendo una rivista per gay comprata all’aeroporto, non ho fatto caso al volo! XD
2. Riuscite a immaginarvi 5 dark non troppo sane di mente a zonzo per Parigi con tutti i bagagli appresso? Ecco, quelle eravamo noi. Abbiamo girovagato un po’ dovunque, con le spalle a pezzi e i piedi doloranti, mentre il clima passava dall’artico al sahariano nel giro di dieci minuti e non riuscivamo a deciderci su dove andare… alla fine abbiamo visto Notre Dame da fuori 8e successivamente da dentro), trovandovi davanti un idiota vestito da Titti che ballava nella piazza… no comment!
3. L’albergo era una specie di grattacielo allargato, con un solo inserviente e migliaia di stanzette-loculo paragonabili a quelle degli hotel giapponesi! Il bango della nostra stanza non aveva neppure il lavandino ne una tenda nella doccia e non c’era l’armadio nella camera, solo delle grucce! Però il eltto era comodo, sebbene i cuscini fossero formato mini… il problema maggiore erano le finestrine-oblò restie ad aprirsi nel momento di maggior bisogno, cioè durante una maleodorante depilazione con la Veet crema! Da incubo!
4. Ed ora passiamo al concerto: quando giungiamo, abbigliate a dovere (io in kimono rosso fiammante, Queen e Il Ghiro in divisa da infermiera, Il Bianconiglio vestita da medico e MadHatter relativamente normale) davanti all’Olympia vediamo una distesa infinita di dark e ghotik lolita in coda per 3 isolati che attendeva di entrare… allibite già temiamo di doverci mettere in fila, solo per scoprire che, avendo prenotato, noi entriamo subito! E perciò ci precipitiamo dentro, accolte da un figone jappo alto 1.85 minimo, con dei capelli arancio da schianto, che distribuisce volantini… superando in estasi mistica (e non solo) il bel pezzo di figliolo ci infiliamo al nostro posto, nella zona orchestra, l’unika del teatro in cui bisogna stare in piedi… ma meglio così! Almeno si poga!
Inizia il concerto con una breve performance della band di supporto e poi entrano LORO: belli come dei, accolti come tali! Sventoliamo in aria il nostro cartellone, strillando “Kyo Kawai” come 5 pazze, mentre le luci sono ancora basse e i nostri adorati non sono ancora del tutto a vista, poi comincia lo show! Kyo si dimostra subito incapace di tenere la maglietta addosso per più di una canzone e subito si spoglia, cominciando poi a picchiarsi con il microfono tanto da sanguinare, mentre io guardo in estasi Tocchibi, in un inedito biondo paglierino, e Die agita la zazzera rosso fragola, inizialmente celata sotto il cappuccio. Quando tornano dalla prima pausa Kyo sfoggia una camicia che resiste addosso a lui appena mezzo pezzo ma, quando se la sta sfilando, gli rimane incastrato il polsino al polso e se l’arrotola kawaissimo intorno alla testa! Che carino!
Cantiamo a squarciagola The Final e poghiamo come pazzi e infine, dopo un indefinibile tempo di intense emozioni, il concerto termina… ricevo i complimenti da una ragazza francese per il mio vestito, facciamo le deficienti davanti al cameraman e compriamo un po’ di cazzate allo shop del teatro ed infine all’albergo, a dormire, stravolte ma felici…

La più bella serata della mia vita!

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12:40AM - Ni-hao!

Salve! Il mio primo post! Yattaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Bene, presentiamoci... sono LadyNorthstar (Northy), anni 18, yaoinomane all'ultimo stadio e fan dei fumetti sino allo stremo delle forze, oltre che cosplayer appassionata.
Ho aperto questo LiveJournal facendo appello alla mia poka intelligenza x tentare di dare un senso alla grafica, ma per ora ho toppato... vedrò di impegnarmi e migliorarla!
Direi che per ora non ho altro da dire... ma domani farò una bella aggiornata per parlare della mia mitica spedizione a parigi per il concerto dei Dir En Grey, il 24 Luglio!
See u soon!

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